Golden Temple Wonder of India

Golden Temple Wonder of India

Golden Temple Wonder of India

Golden Temple Wonder of India:

maximum sacred area of worship for the Sikhs, located in Amritsar, Punjab.
also known as Harmandir Sahib or court of the Lord.

Amritsar, Punjab, India
Based on
Mir is not eligible
Start up
December 1585 last year
The world’s seven religions
The Mehndi Sabbath

Golden Temple Wonder of India:Harmandir Sah is the name of the Golden Temple. In Amritsar Sikhs Gurudwara is situated in India. This is the 5th Century of the Crusade Arjan Dev, the Sikh Guru Gurudwara. The payment is complete by the Granth in 1604 AD.

Golden Temple Wonder of India: Adigrantha This Sikhism is installed in the Holy Book and in this gurudwara. Enter Harmandir Sahib, where there are four open-ended schools showing religious and all. Gurudwara is now built by Jassa Sang Ahluwalia again in 1764 other Sikh Misls. Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh is confirmed by the first part of the 19th century and presents the government in the future. He also covers Gurudwara gold zones, as well as different types of blood pressure detection leaders. It is also known as the Golden Temple.

Golden Temple Wonder of India:If Sarananka Harmandir Sahi says it: “Big Throat”. In 1577, a tank came near the Sikhism Fourth century, like “Amritsar” of the Passover Sacred Das and Judge. It indicates that “the eternal seed pool”. This is the name of Amritsar in the city that was built around the Great and the Dand.


Golden Temple Wonder of India:Shortly afterwards, a secondary center of Tank transformed Harmandir Sahib, a skyscraper, and a Sikhism center. The payment was made at the sanctuary of Granth. This article grants Sansan Dusim and Amkin to several compositions that discuss the philosophy and values ​​of Sufi, for example, Baba Farid and Kabir. Granth’s author of Arthur Arjan Dev, the fifth of the Sikh-fifth-century Victory Foundation, began.
A tanks or holy lake, a major step in Gurudwara.


Golden Temple Wonder of India:It is a tanks that have a cold sarovar or “immortal beard” or “holy water”. To reach this Gurudwara, four gates have expressed the importance of freedom and acceptance. Grove Hafiz gururs dhoocil shaman also inside this complex house inside Gurudwara. Still there are three levels of sacred sciences or a historical event. Memorial also prohibited the Sikh Gurudwara ruler of dhoocil Amaks, martyrs and historical events. It is also part of the Implementation of Inscriptions of World Wars II and II and the Soldier soldiers killed.
Actually, a small area of ​​jiggles and forests. Used for research for more men and women. It is believed that Lord Gautam Buddha has also passed away here.


Golden Temple Wonder of India:The Suliman Nak is also spending a lot of time in this place, and afterwards other immigrants come here only and quiet. The Gordon Temple is also the attacks, but the followers of the disciples and the Addomahaaga insulted the unbelievable bravery and courage.


Golden Temple Wonder of India:In northern India, the Goulden Temple or Harmandir Sahib are located in Punjab. The situation is famous for Lake Amritsar in the same name as the lake, south of the church in South. Connect to the original transport and easy access to the city’s easiest plane. The closure of this storeroom is located at the Amritsar airport.
The Guruparab sign is liked by gurudwara. The reason behind this event is the celebration of Dusan Dusim, marking birth and death.

Golden Temple Wonder of India:The leader also performed several different times and if they are happy or annoyed. In the meantime, in this way the Gospel is the second thing. In the end at the end of the bad procession or bhog. In addition to these celebrations, other events have been organized in this AWE inspired book. Gurudwara was selected by India’s top ten talents.

Golden Temple Wonder of India


Golden Temple Wonder of India:The foundation of the Golden Temple turned into laid down with the aid of a Muslim saint Mian Mir.
it’s miles in most cases produced from marble but it is gold plated with actual gold which covers maximum of the outsidecomponent.

Golden Temple Wonder of India:The water that surrounds the Golden Temple is known as the Amrit Sarovar (Pool of Nectar) and the water of the pool is said to have special residences.

Golden Temple top wonder in the india.
the largest langar of all Gurudwaras is prepared regular at the Golden Temple wherein around 35,000 human beings a day are fed without spending a dime by way of temple volunteers.
The Golden temple has an in-residence museum that has a large series of articles associated with Sikh records.

Place: Amritsar
State: Punjab
Pincode: 143001
Language: Punjabi Hindi And English
Weather: Summer 18°C to °C, Winter 4°C to °C
Currency: Rupees – INR
Best Time To Visit Amritsar: March to November
Ideal Duration: 4-5 Days


Golden Temple Wonder of India:Being one of the most traditionally sound towns in India Amritsar city is located on the Punjab country in India. Bearing the age vintage chivalric legendary in its heart the town has come to state-of-the-art function where it has grow to be one of the top maximum visitor spot.

Golden Temple Wonder of India:within the yr 1574, the metropolis turned into set through the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das. at the very beginning, the city was called ‘Guru Ki Nagri’ while it was a mere village. The metropolis has a completely wealthy records of Sikhs and as a result many of their holy shrines are observed in and throughout the city.

Golden Temple Wonder of India:The metropolis is located on the important Grand Trunk road, that runs thru the whole northern half of the Indian subcontinent i.e., from Bangladesh to Delhi then shifting thru Amritsar connects it to kabul in Afghanistan and Lahore in Pakistan. The city is also connected to maximum of the primary Indian towns which include New Delhi, Calcutta, and Mumbai via a huge network of railway device.

speedy statistics


summer season: 42 to 23 C
wintry weather: 24 to one C

first-rate Season:

Sep – Mar

getting to Amritsar


The Rajasansi airport, approximately eleven km from metropolis centre, is attached by means of domestic flights to Delhi, Srinagar and Chandigarh.


Amritsar is connected via rail with most important cities in India.


Amritsar is connected by way of street with:
Agra 643 km
Chandigarh 235 km
Delhi 435 km
Ferozpur one hundred sixty km
Jalandhar eighty km
Jammu 219 km
Kolkata 1850 km
Kullu 389 km
Ludhiana 137 km
Pathankot 111 km
Srinagar 515 km
Wagah Border 29 km

points of interest

Golden Temple (Harmander Sahib)

Golden Temple Wonder of India:This gilded temple of Punjab is thought for its particular shade, vicinity and as properly for the religious significance. it’s far known to be the maximum sacred vacation spot for the fans of Sikhism. The top half of the temple is constructed with round 400 kg of gold leaf. The building is surrounded by a fantastic pond containing crystal clear water.

Durgiana Temple

Golden Temple Wonder of India:The leading deity of the temple is Lakshmi and Narain. The architectural style of the temple has got some resemblance with that of the Golden Temple. Even this temple is likewise targeted inside the midst of a tank and has canopies as well. it is a famous treasure trove of Hindu scriptures.

Wagah Border

Golden Temple Wonder of India:Wagah is an military outpost on Indo-Pak border located in among Amritsar and Lahore. it is the global border between India and Pakistan. The beauty and display of the beating Retreat and the trade of guard in handshaking distance of the Pakistani and Indian navy is a need to to see ambiance.

Jallian Wala Bagh

Golden Temple Wonder of India:The monument changed into built at this website to honor the 2000 Indians who were wounded, killed, or shot arbitrarily by means of the British army below the command of Gen Michael O”Dyer on April 13, 1919. the ones peaceful people have been participating in a public meeting then. This incident became remarked as one of the important occurrence of India’s freedom struggle.

There are some other points of interest on this town like Ram Bagh, Ram Tirath, Pul Kanjari, Jama Masjid Khairuddin, Samadh of Shravan, Khoo Kalyanwala and lots of more.

Golden Temple Wonder of India

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